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All about dating

I shall describe vitally that all it was clear, without everyones deals, type realized not realized, etc. the Zero level of a pickup and соблазнения at once is passed, youthful rape by eyes, certainly, romantically, but to our business of the attitude have no. The first level of a pickup and соблазнения - it the most interesting, bustle for the women, new acquaintances phones, numbers, figures. Women it appears not against to get acquainted, it is simple before was afraid. Searches of not clearly that, the ideal woman, most likely, and are not present themThe second level of a pickup and соблазнения - to run like have learned, productivity huge, above 50 %, even pair ¼ÑúáõáßÔ has made, but maids so-so what further to do not clearly, maids by phone are manufactured, and I such cool guy, they simply do not know with whom have communicated, well anything, there will be and not such silly women. And it becomes then boring to get acquainted, already all you know, that marawash with megafast, 5 points, but kind It is necessary to wait for anything and there will be an excellent little girl. The third. And here happens on a miscellaneous or has reconciled, has understood, that you will achieve nothing or there are further, through all barrier, depends on ambitions. If has gone further all таки you find little girls whom not against will meet, meanwhile slowly, once a month can. The fourth. If has reached this level you can consider itself as the monster what the maximum of 5 %, and even is less among pickupers. Every evening you try to borrow with the girl-friend not new so old and to make secure to be hammered with two, any, so the second. Such periods can go cyclically, week deal, then week another of a quiet life with a harem. The fifth. It is top, all to yourself it is assured absolutely, simply meetings with so-so girls do not interest, little girls should be beautiful, megafastas, joint divorces with friends on group sex, etc. If has reached the fifth level you can safely tell in a pickup already saw all and to live further, to search for other interests and than it is possible to borrow, but from time to time will pull all the same to return or

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